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Ron Auletti
Port Kings Pacific

Bonus session only

Port Kings Pacific (PKP), in conjunction with Carslin Brothers Logging (CBL), is a freelance HO scale railroad located on the North Olympic Peninsula, WA. Set in the late 1930’s after the heyday of the Milwaukee Road, it transports logs from the CBL company town, manganese from Black Hole Mine, and fish, milk and farm produce from west end towns. Ives Mill lumber, cattle, dairy, food and other products move east to Port Kings and Seattle by rail barge. Mixed trains and the Spirit Hot Springs express provide mail and passenger service. Mogul engines power trains on the PKP, while CBL trains use geared locos - all with sound. One and two-person crews operate up to four hours with a lunch break.

Our layout design is point-to-point single track with 3 sidings. Bench and track work are 100% complete with 96 turnouts, 13 staging tracks, 2 turntables and a rail barge. Scenery design, modeling, structures and great backdrops are the team effort of my graphic designer wife, Lessie, Kevin Regan and professional artist Ian Henderson.

Basic information:
A. Scale: HO
B. DC or DCC: NCE Wireless DCC
C. Dispatching/control method: verbal, TT
D. Car control: Bruce Hanley's RROps switch lists
E. Mainline: PKP 145', CBL 35'
F. Room size: 42.5' x 15'
G. Percent sceniced: 60%
H. Handicap accessibility: none - 18 steps up to attic layout room from garage entrance
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 5

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