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Boeing Employees Model Railroad Club
Seattle and North Cascades, Mountain Division

The Mountain Division of the S&NC is an HO-scale, 1200 sqft, double decked layout with the main line following the route from Seattle, WA (hidden yard) to Omak, WA (hidden yard), in the 1950�s. This time frame covers the transition from steam to diesel. The double track mainline is about 7 scale miles long with 2 passing sidings. The mountain grade is 2.7% with a horseshoe curve resulting in a 3.2% equivalent grade. This may require helpers on some trains. There is a sub-division off of the main line going to Fairhaven, WA. The branch line is about 1 scale mile long. The layout is about 40% sceniced and we have been conducting club operation sessions since 2015. The main classification yard is located in Everett and requires a yardmaster and two yard crews. Typical sessions will have three to six trains on the layout at one time, using single and/or two person crews. There are also switch jobs at two industrial locations. We run locals, through freights, manifests, and tank, logging and coal unit trains. This requires from 8 to 10 operators for a typical four hour session. Track is Atlas code 83 and Micro Engineering code 70. Turnouts are Walthers. All turnouts are controlled by servo switch machines per our own design. The classification yard is using Caboose hand-throws until the servos switch machines can be installed. The switch machines are controlled by small panels in the facia. The control panel lights indicate turnout positions and traffic flow.

The club shares a building with the Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive and is pleased to host Soundrail operators in 2018.

Published sources: NMRA magazine, June 2015: describing the Servo switch machines.

Basic information:
A. Scale: HO
C. Dispatching/control method: verbal orders via radio
D. Car control: Car Card/Way Bills
E. Mainline: 400' double-track, 60' branch line
F. Room size: 1200 sqft
G. Percent sceniced: 40%
H. Handicap accessibility: yes
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 10

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