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Dave Goodson
Colorado Consolidated Railways

Our outdoor railroad's name was generated from a merger of all narrow-gauge lines in the Colorado Rockies in the early 1930's. This merger allows D&RGW, C&S, RGS, F&CC and any of the other lines that have not been repainted and re-lettered to "CCR" to be seen. The railroad is set up as a point-to-loop-to-point railroad, with over two dozen current way-freight stops, plus an upper and lower yard. A turntable is provided at all "points", with a "Wye" about center.

Our operating principle is operate-operate-operate. We have had regularly weekly sessions (rain, dry & snow) since 1994. These sessions are now on Fridays. Our passing sidings and grades are figured to handle a minimum 6-car way-freight plus caboose. Our operators learn which order to switch, and we also run backwards or "westbound" way-freights. We are currently using printed switch lists, each one different.

Our equipment consists of numerous battery-powered radio-control locomotives for main line and way-freight use. All locomotives have operating backup lights for night use. Eighty-five freight cars are in use, along with a half dozen cabooses (or cabeese), all of which have operating marker lights for night operation. Fourteen passenger cars are also on roster. NOTE: if you're assigned this layout please bring a weatherproof jacket and hat because we will run RAIN OR SHINE!!!

Published sources: Garden Railways, August 2009

Basic information:
A. Scale: G
B. DC or DCC: neither - battery-powered radio control
C. Dispatching/control method: sequential
D. Car control: switchlists
E. Mainline: >1000'
F. Room size: entire large backyard
G. Percent sceniced: 100%
H. Handicap accessibility: ok but no wheelchair
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 8