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Lee Marsh
Great Northern Railway’s Cascade Division – 1947 to 1951

The layout represents GN’s Cascade mountain crossing in Washington State, and the primary operational design element is Everett, WA where the mainline continues on to Seattle, and the Second Subdivision departs to Vancouver, BC. The layout concept was heavily influenced by Jack Parker’s NP layout, and the concept is essentially a much-expanded British-style affair with staging yards. The modeled era is constrained by the equipment that was used at the time by the GN. Highlights include: operating brass locomotives (steam, electric, and diesel), brass rolling stock, many accurate resin pieces, along with other well-detailed plastic rolling stock. The hard-shell scenery features significant vertical relief, full hand-painted backdrop, hundreds of trees – some of which are custom representations of actual trees, and a curved steel trestle that was built from the top down on uneven ground, just as the prototype built. Trackwork is two-level, and significant staging is included beneath the hard shell to facilitate a healthy schedule of trains on this modest-size pike. This layout has been featured in several of Model Railroader’s Trackside Photos, June 2018 MR cover, MR’s 2020 Calendar, and numerous issues of the Great Northern Railway Historical Society’s Modeler’s Pages.

Basic information:
A. Scale: HO
B. DC or DCC: Digitrax DCC
C. Dispatching/control method: Timetable
D. Car control: Wheel report/switch lists
E. Mainline: 142' staging-to-staging/35' visible upper level/35' visible lower level
F. Room size: 41' x 14'
G. Percent sceniced: 95%
H. Handicap accessibility: no
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 2

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