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Kirk Reddie
Chicago, Milwaukee, and Puget Sound Railroad

The original plan was for a mostly sincere ~1950 single deck Milwaukee Road single track mainline with 11'+ passing sidings from Roland, ID to Puget Sound with some compression and mostly 48" aisles. Since 2015, the benchwork for a sidingless NP double track main to Portland has been added and a lower level created to add very insincere aisle-hopping Great Northern runs to Vancouver, BC, and Spokane with about 7' passing sidings. The UP will run Portland to Seattle via NP and Milwaukee; and to Spokane via SP&S.

Published sources: Mainline Modeler, Model Railroader, N Scale Enthusist, N Scale Railroading, and N-Scale Magazine.

Basic information:
A. Scale: N
B. DC or DCC: DC, eventually WiFi with Digitrax
C. Dispatching (not active yet: Track Warrant with dispatchers routing DC power
D. Car control: not active yet
E. Mainline: TBD, large scenery-to-track ratio
F. Room size: 48'x96' plus 24'x28' crew lounge
G. Percent sceniced: hardshell only so far
H. Handicap accessibility: contact in advance
I. Maximum number of guest operators: TBD

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