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Steve Shores
Pacific Shores Railroad

The Pacific Shores Railroad is a freelanced Pacific Northwest Washington railroad that interchanges traffic with the Class One NP, GN, UP and privately owned Matheson & Western. Pacific Shores RR runs essentially east/west crossing the north/south mainlines of the class one railroads using trackage rights. The railroad features single track main with passing sidings serving multiple switching areas. (Code 83 with Code 100 in staging areas, 24 inch radius). PSRR trains are relegated to low priority as they traverses the class one railroads territory requiring coordination on passing sidings.

Operating positions include multiple NP/GN turns, one yard operator and one PSRR transfer train. The era for the layout is 1950's - diesel and steam power.

Basic information:
A. Scale: HO
C. Dispatching/control method: verbal orders
D. Car control: Car Cards and Waybills
E. Mainline: NP/GN mainline is 80 feet. Passing sidings: 5. PSRR mainline is 30 feet plus trackage rights to the NP/GN mainline
F. Room size: 20 x 13 GN/NP portion and a 15 x 15 PSRR in an adjacent room
G. Percent sceniced: 99%
H. Handicap accessibility: 9 steps down to basement
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 4

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