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Russ Segner
Morton Branch and Coal Creek Lumber Company

My railroad is a freelance logging and mining branch line set in western Washington in the 1930's. It interchanges with the Denver Rio Grande and Western Railroad at Morton. It is 3 foot narrow gauge with operation centered at Coal Creek, the main town serving a large sawmill and several mines. It is modeled in 3/16 inch scale. The track plan is point to point around the perimeter of the room. Minimum radius is 28 inches except for one switchback to a mine area. Maximum grades are 4.25%. Control is walk around with Lenz DCC and Tsunami sound. There are also four radio control throttles. The primary motive power consists of 2 Heislers, 2 Climaxes and 6 Shays. All motive power is by PBL. All structures are scratch built or heavily modified kits. The large sawmill is scratch built based on photographs of the Sanger Lumber Company mill at Converse Basin in California. A full story of this mill and operation is found in the book "The Whistles Blow No More" by Hank Johnston. The backdrops are the work of local professional artist Ian Henderson.

Basic information:
A. Scale: Sn3
B. DC or DCC: NCE DCC (radio)
C. Dispatching/control method: Train Orders
D. Car control: Switchlists
E. Mainline: n/a
F. Room size: 16' x 19'
G. Percent sceniced: 100%
H. Handicap accessibility: none
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 5

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