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Bill Sornsin
Great Northern - Cascade Division - 1st Sub - 1952-55

The modeled territory extends from Seattle north along Puget Sound to Everett, WA (double track) and eventually east to Wenatchee, WA (single track with sidings) crossing the Cascade Mountains via Stevens Pass and the 8-mile Cascade Tunnel. Staging is used to represent points south of Seattle (Auburn, Tacoma, Portland), points east of Wenatchee, and Everett's Delta Yard and points north to Vancouver, BC. The railroad is designed to be operated faithfully to the prototype, including scheduled trains and typical extras, signature scenes/industries, and Timetable & Train Order train control. Track is ME flex (code 83, 70 and 55) with turnouts built from Central Valley kits and Fastracks jigs. Benchwork is multi-deck with some mushroom construction. Mainline turnouts controlled by Tortoise switch machines, all others hand-thrown. The layout is ambitious and therefore designed to be constructed and operated in phases:

    Phase I: Seattle to Everett and associated staging - in service now
    Phase II: Everett to Skykomish
    Phase III: Skykomish to Wenatchee (second deck) A video presentation on the layout can be found here and a more comprehensive tour here.

Basic information:
A. Scale: HO
C. Dispatching/control method: Timetable, verbal orders
D. Car control: switch lists
E. Mainline: 330' currently (Seattle-Snohomish)
F. Room size: 3000 sq ft
G. Percent sceniced: 1%
H. Handicap accessibility: partial
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 10

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