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Tyler Whitcomb
Tenino Western

The Tenino Western RR traverses typical Pacific Northwest scenery spanning between Olympia and Tenino, WA. The class 3 railroad passes through luscious green forest, along rolling hills, cascading waterfalls and meandering streams as it services a variety of logging related customers. Major customers include a paper mill, lumber mill, brewery, and even barge operations.The layout is set in the spring of the early 1990's.

Published sources:
N Scale magazine: May/June 2012 "Tenino Western RR overview", Nov/Dec 2012 "Operations on the Tenino Western", May/June 2013 "Scenery the TW Way", Nov/Dec 2013 "Super Detailing Scenery", Mar/Apr 2014 "Tenino Western Weed Train", Nov/Dec 2014 "Log Cars of the Tenino Western", Jan/Feb 2015 "How to build a simple log Un-Loader", July/Aug 2016 "Freelancing the Tenino Western RR". Model Railroader: Nov 2013 "Trackside Photos". Walthers 2014/2016/2017 N scale catalogs.

Basic information:
A. Scale: N
B. DC or DCC: Digitrax DCC
C. Dispatching/control method: Verbal "warrants"
D. Car control: Car cards & waybills
E. Mainline: 80' with a main yard and 4 locals
F. Room size: 15' X 23' + 2 staging yards in crew lounge
G. Percent sceniced: 5%
H. Handicap accessibility: no
I. Maximum number of guest operators: 6

You can find more info and photos of the layout here: TeninoWesternRR. This is a new version of the TWRR and construction was started December 2016. I am now starting scenery and should have the basic scenery done - "No pink foam or plywood" by Soundrail. I will keep updates on the TWRR Facebook site. See link above.